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Thunderbirds & The KC Airshow

Posted by Anonymous Friday, August 22, 2008 Labels: , , ,

One of the great benefits of living in my hood is that its near the airfield, and great for free viewings of the annual KC Airshow. Today the Thunderbirds were "practicing" as it were, and I took off for a nearby hilltop to catch a few photos. Have I ever mentioned how much of a frenzy I get in when it comes to performance fighter jets? I don't even understand myself. But I LOVE them. SO FREAKING AWESOME. Nuff said.

Here's a few photos from my dinky little junk camera. Not too bad though.

Be sure to catch the Thunderbirds this weekend, flying around 3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you don't actually go to the Airshow, I recommend going down to the Riverwalk at City Market. I watched the Blue Angels from there once and it was a great view!


andy said...

YES! I used to go to airshows as a kid and see the Blue Angels fly.

Aaron, Nick, and myself were actually coming back from lunch yesterday and saw the Thunderbirds practicing as well. I was as giddy as you were.

Me: "I wonder what is going on?" (Thinking an airshow or something)
Aaron: "What do you mean? (semi-panicked, thinking KC was being bombed)

Randzig said...

Hey! Saw your pictures via flickr and found this blog too. I was in the River Market for about an hour Sunday but we didn't see anything. Doh i missed it!