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Seinfeld Saturday: The Merv Griffin Show

Posted by Maureen Saturday, August 09, 2008 Labels: , ,

This one goes out to Andy Garlich, and is one of my favorite all-time episodes of Seinfeld. That's right, folks, its episode #162, The Merv Griffin Show!

In this episode, Kramer finds an old set to the Merv Griffin show in a dumpster and sets it up in his living room. From this point on, each time a friend comes over, he welcomes them as if welcoming him or her on to the stage before a live studio audience. The ironic thing about this episode is its one of the few times in all of Seinfeld's seasons that the crew actually step foot in Kramer's apartment anyway. Nevertheless, it's well worth it, especially when Kramer invites a true celebrity, animal expert Jim Fowler, onto his fake set.

This episode also includes "the deal" between George and the pigeons of New York City.

There is so much ridiculousness in this episode. You've gotta see it all, but here's a tasty:


kimberly said...

this is probably my favorite episode.

Andy said...

wow, talk about a belated comment. Somehow I missed this one until now - thanks for the shout out and posting this clip. Freaking brilliant!