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Seinfeld Saturday: Cigar Store Indian

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, August 16, 2008 Labels: , ,

This one goes out to Adam in honor of his request for some "Kramer antics" (although the last episode was probably even better for that!).

That's right, folks, its episode #74, The Cigar Store Indian. In addition to the worries of George staying at his parents house all by himself (which leads to the loss of the Al Roker TV Guide), Jerry runs into some racial tension with Elaine's Native American friend, Winona. From giving Elaine a life-size, wood-carved Indian as a gift in front of Winona, to accidentally asking a Chinese mailman where the nearest Chinese restaurant is, to dancing around the use of phrases such as "I made a reservation," Jerry continuously gets himself in trouble.

Here are two short clips, the first showing Kramer's new ownership of the Indian and how he's using it to get his new idea for a coffee table book about coffee tables published. Following is the scene with the Chinese mailman (which ends with one of Kramer's most memorable antics of all time.)