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"The only positive thing happening in Sudan" -Jama Aden

Posted by Anonymous Monday, August 04, 2008 Labels: ,

There's a great article in the NYT today on Sudan's Olympic track team. One world-record holding runner, Abubaker Kaki Khamis, said “You would never feel that there are any problems in Sudan when you are with the Sudan track team.” The coach of the team stated that is is the only positive thing happening in Sudan. While I could personally describe a few other positive things, he may be right that it is the only one that is seen by the entire world and recognized by the government in Khartoum. Read the article here.


Amber said...

Love this post...I agree there is more but they go unrecognized. miss you friend. call me and we will talk life and sudan

kimberly said...

I love my students from Sudan. sometimes it is hard to love them, but it is an easy choice.