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Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Labels: , ,

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is the most spectacular thing I've ever seen. I wish I could have been there. If you didn't watch it, it's hard to describe. I highly recommend you set aside some time to watch the video of it here (this is just part 1 of the 4 hour ceremony, but it will certainly give you a good idea of what happened).

NBC.com had the article below called "Opening Ceremony: By the Numbers." Very fascinating. I think I'll go watch it again now....

91,000: Seating capacity of Beijing National Stadium, known as the Bird's Nest, which hosted the Opening Ceremony.

80,000: Number of different channels adopted in the lighting control system.

15,153: Sets of costumes in 47 styles used during the Opening Ceremony production.

11,456: Number of fireworks set off from the top of the Bird's Nest.

10,500: Total electricity load, in kilowatts, during the Opening Ceremony.

10,000: Meters of optical fiber and cable used in the Opening Ceremony.

8,428: Number of fireworks set off from the central area of the Bird's Nest.

2008: Members of the Fou drum band and number of Taiji performers.

2,583: Total number of special lights used in the Opening Ceremony.

1,000: Performers that build a bird's nest toward which the kite flies through the sky during the starlight exhibition.

897: Performers used in the advent of moveable type display.

810: Number of performers, representing disciples of Confucius, that appear holding bamboo scrolls.

287: Positions for setting off fireworks at the Bird's Nest.

224: Members of the national anthem chorus.

204: Number of countries to march in the Parade of Nations.

201: Members of the military band.

480x70: Full dimensions, in feet, of the LED screen laid at the center of the stadium. For perspective, the LED screen above Times Square in New York City measures 50x50.

100: Number of young women leading the athletes and spectators in the imitation of the ceremonial dove release.

80: Children comprising the multi-national chorus that sings the Olympic Anthem.

56: Number of Chinese ethnic groups represented in the national anthem chorus.

29: Number of colossal burning footprints that rise into the sky in a series of fireworks explosions, representing the invention of gunpowder and symbolizing the path of the Games and arrival of the XXIX Olympiad.

9: Age in years of Lin Hao, who survived the collapse of his school in the Sechuan earthquake while rescuing two classmates, and Lin Miaoke, a girl from Beijing, who sang the song "A Hymn To My Country." Lin Hao marched in the Parade of Nations with basketball star Yao Ming.

5: Age of young pianist Lang Lang, who played together with Chinese star Li Muzi during the starlight exhibition.


louann said...

very interesting numbers.....I missed the first part of the giant footsteps, but the last several that I saw looked pretty cool.....stomping their way towards the birdsnest. a brilliant man, the guy who did all this.