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More on Sudanese in the Olympics: Lopez Lomong

Posted by Maureen Thursday, August 07, 2008 Labels: , ,

The American Olympic team member who will be leading the team and running the US flag into the opening ceremonies is Sudanese and now-US-citizen Lopez Lomong. Lomong is a "lost boy of Sudan" who after ten years in a refugee camp was resettled as a refugee in New York. After excelling as a student and track team member through high school and college, Lomong became a US Citizen just one year ago in July 2007. This year, he made the American Olympic team in the 1500 meter race. This story is the first Olympic story to bring tears to my eyes. Time to start the tally.

Read more an article about Lomong as the flagbearer here, and also visit his website. And here is a great article that provides more detail about his journey from Sudan and his family (who he only discovered were alive after he moved to the U.S. Oof.)


louann said...

I heard about this guy on NPR yesterday. This is such a great story and I am so very proud of our Olympic team to have selected him for this honor. What a fabulous example that we ask one who comes from another country and suffered so much to represent America! I look forward to hearing more about him in the next few days. And for him to win a medal!