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Kissed by a Rose!

Posted by Anonymous Monday, August 25, 2008 Labels: , , ,

Well today Toby and I's anniversary celebration came to a close when I received the final piece of his delivered gifts to me: Seal's Best of 1991-2004 album.

When Toby was home recently, "Kiss From A Rose" came on once and I went nuts. I'm sure at some point the statement "I will ALWAYS love this song" came out of my mouth, both dramatically and seriously. At the same time, I regretted that I no longer own a Seal album (and its not like I can just go download a single song for 99cents or anything). So I lamented, and he came through (not surprising).

So I've been rocking out to "Kiss from a Rose", but also "Crazy", "Prayer for the Dying", and "Don't Cry". Seal is AWESOME! His voice is so sweet (as in badass-sweet, not kitten-sweet) and his lyrics equally sweet (kitten-sweet though, not bad-ass sweet). Seal, you are my power, my pleasure, my pain, babay!

All to say, it was a great day to come home to the ol' mailbox. Thank you, Toby.

**EDIT** Seriously now. After I wrote this, I took the album to my car and I'm not sure I should publicly confess the amount of high volume singing and dramatically interpretative hand and arm gestures that occurred there. Alone, just me and Seal in the car. So. I think I'm more into it than I even thought. But I mean, who doesn't fall for a line like "Did you know that when it snows, my eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen?" I mean, that's powerful. ;)


Michelle Bridges said...

oh gosh. we have not been spending enough time together. you have lost all sense of musical integrity. it's not too late though. help us help you.

Anonymous said...

nah, everyone has right to at least one musical guilty pleasure. ;)

rachel said...

mine=paula deanda.