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A Toby come and gone or "Kansas City Restaurant Guide"

Posted by Anonymous Monday, July 14, 2008 Labels: , ,

My sweet boyfriend who is working in Sudan for a year came to visit me over the past week. We had a wonderful time. Here are some of the things we did together:

-Ate Macaroni & cheese at McCoy's
-Went to Jacob's Well
-Ate cheeseburgers with Jeff
-Ate dinner at the Huffmans (are you starting to see a theme yet?)
-Went to Topeka to see the Lunns and go to the dentist, wherein Toby discovered he had ZERO CAVITIES (which was also a theme for the rest of the visit)
-Had a belated birthday party for Toby with the family, ate pizza
-Ate sushi with Michelle and John
-Went on a mini-vacation to Rocheport, Missouri
-Cooked beet risotto
-Rode our bikes on the Katy Trail
-Ate dinner at Abigail's
-Watched Ocean's 11, 12, and 13 (Nuff said!!)
-Ate Oklahoma Joe's with all of our crew at Rosedale Park
-Ate breakfast at Bluebird with Matt (the only place where I'll order french toast. Once you've found perfection, why look any further?)
-Went to Topeka again
-Took Toby's parents to my parent's house where they met for the first time (and where we ate...)
-Ate at Sol Azteca where Toby was so kind as to get me an order of queso dip to take home with me (again on the perfection bit here--their queso dip triumphs over all)
-Went to Christ Church
-Ate at Planet Sub with the crew
-Laid under a shade tree at Loose Park
-Watched Arrested Development
-Said goodbye

In all this eating and catching up, we mostly just enjoyed being together. He's such a dreamboat. I know that's cheesy to say on my blog, but its true. Again with the perfection bit.... ;)

He took this photo of us at Loose Park while I was actually asleep. I'm not even posing. Its beautiful and a good visual summary of how our visit went. Peaceful. Content.

I get to see him again in only 8 or 10 weeks from now. This last stint was 14 weeks long, so I'm thankful that we won't have to do that again.


Sarah said...

Ahhh! Beautiful picture and wonderful list of great things to do in KC. I'm sorry we missed him while he was here. We're back in KC the 16th-27th. Let's get together! Miss you!