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Today's Seinfeld Saturday represents just a tiny bit of episode #29, "The Red Dot." The main plot involves a cashmere sweater that George connivingly purchases for Elaine, on discount because of a tiny red dot that he hopes she won't notice. However, the part of the episode that I find particularly applicable to my every day life is the question over the phrase "on the wagon" and "off the wagon". Which is which? If I quit a bad habit, am I now on or off the wagon? Seinfeld faces this same debacle regarding Elaine's alcoholic boyfriend.

Unfortunately, this part of the plot is too small and I couldn't find a video including it. So the video here is about the red dot itself. However, for further reading on the wagon issue, read Toby's explanation:
A person "gets on the wagon" when they choose to quit a bad habit. They "fall off" when they lose self-control and go back to it. This used to be hard for me to remember. Then I realized a trick. Getting on the wagon is volitional, while falling off is accidental. One doesn't wish to return to a bad habit. They try to stay on the wagon.

I found this very helpful. Hopefully Elaine has it figured out by now.