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Hope for peace in Darfur?

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Labels: , , , , ,

Just yesterday, Toby alerted me that SP was pulling their "non-essential" staff out of Darfur and sending them to Khartoum. I was afraid that things were getting worse there (if that is even possible), however since then I've learned more information. Namely, the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court has requested an arrest warrant for Al-Bashir, Sudan's president, on three accounts of genocide. This could be a pretty big deal IF the request is approved, which evidently won't occur for a few more months. In the meantime, it gives Al-Bashir the opportunity to create some real peace with the threat of getting thrown in jail if he doesn't. Could this be progress?

There's a lot more to the story, and this is a very interesting article on the ensuing process.


aaron said...

Moe - from what I understand couldn't this be a dangerous thing if he is thrown in jail? I've heard it might spark riots and protests which would throw more unruliness into the already unstable situation. Have you heard something similar?

Anonymous said...

Yes, in fact that is why a lot of aid workers have been evacuated, because they're assuming violence. So I don't know what's best. But its got to be a good thing to get him out of there, don't you think? Perhaps its not the wisest option. I don't know. Good thought.

7K said...

I understood the UN was skittish about doing this because they have no real way to arrest him, but had no choice, from the info they have, other than to identify him as a genocide violator. If this led to some kind of actual takeover by, say, the International Community, then I would think real progress could be made. The converse seems to be that problems could escalate. We should pray for Sudan. The present situation is being compared to the German holocaust. I'm afraid it may get worse before it gets better; but, yes, there is also hope. If this guy goes completely nuts, maybe the IC will be motivated to really do something.