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"The Fourth" Rant

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, July 03, 2008 Labels: , , , , ,

Even the creators of such inspirational, commemorative images like the one above can't even call it like it is.

Why must we insist on referring to Independence Day as "The 4th of July"? We don't refer to Christmas as "The 25th of December" or to New Year's Day as "The 1st of January". Yet, "The Fourth" has become a more common term for this meaningful national holiday than what it actually is: Independence Day. Its illogical to me. I'm going to try to change my vernacular and start using "Independence Day" as much as possible. And do you know who else has it right (other than me, of course)? Martina McBride*. That's right. Her hit song, "Independence Day" says it all.
*I make no claims to liking nor listening to country music. But there's just some things in life that are unavoidable. Perhaps Martina McBride is one of them.


andy said...

somebody has been listening to NPR. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually I didn't hear that on NPR! I just came up with it myself! That's amazing. I promise. Brilliant.