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Cupcake of the Decade

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, July 24, 2008 Labels: , ,

I don't mean to brag, but I made these "chocolate mousse cupcakes" yesterday (from scratch) and they were deemed by friends "Cupcake of the Decade". Nuff said!!

They are homemade chocolate sour cream cupcakes. Then I sliced the top off and put homemade chocolate-coffee mousse in the middle. Then put the tops back on with some chocolate frosting (homemade..of course). ! It was quite the endeavor, but it was all worth that designation it later received. All thanks to Rachel's cupcake cookbook (and the other Rachel's birthday party....for the inspiration, that is...).

Oh, and sorry--I didn't save you one. Maybe next time. ;)


Rachel said...

Agreed. I ate one, and it was devine. I admire your bravado in undertaking such a lofty baking endeavor. Your aspirations deserve every praise!

louann said...

wow. I am so proud of you. Where did you learn to cook like that!!!?? I would have loved to try one. Good job!

Anonymous said...

So,,, what's the recipe?
Aunt Katy