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Inspired by the late "YouTube Saturday Morning," welcome to "Seinfeld Saturday." Each Saturday, I am going to post a brief synopsis and (hopefully) a video clip to one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. This could go on forever. Feel free to chip in--leave comments about what Seinfeld episode YOU would like to see next!

This week is inspired by a comment made in my previous post. It's episode #57, The Outing. Here, Jerry & George encounter some confusion (among others) regarding their sexual preferences. One of the reasons I love this episode so much is the hilariously repeated disclaimer, "Not that there's anything wrong with that!". Here's a clip:


Billy Brame said...

Sweet Idea. Seinfeld is unendingly awesome.

"Helloooooo. La La la" The talking belly button is one that I hear people using all the time.

Adam said...

oh so funny....I'd like to see some Kramer antics.

Michelle Bridges said...

yessss. i like where this is going. any chance you can show us the one where elaine eats the priceless piece of cake?

Anonymous said...

Wow all, thanks for your suggestions. I've already prepared the next several weeks of Seinfeld Saturday--so if you don't see your request, never fear...it will come eventually!

andy said...

yesssssss! You can imagine how excited I was to read this post. This is the best blog idea ever - I'm only jealous I didn't think of it first. I cannot wait to see the future Seinfeld Saturday posts.

"Steeped in gayness" haha, this episode is one of my faves.

Bring on Merv Griffin!!!