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Seinfeld Saturday: COSMO?!?!

Posted by Maureen Saturday, June 28, 2008 Labels: , ,

This week's episode is #97, "The Switch". In this episode, Elaine struggles with having loaned her boss' tennis racket away, George and Jerry both have girlfriend problems, and most importantly, Kramer's real first name is released for the very first time.

The only clip I could find is a bit long, so I suggest you fast forward to the 3:30 mark and watch through the next scene.


DecaturHeel said...

I remember when that episode was first broadcast...it became a minor media event that Kramer's first name was revealed. I love the scene in that episode where George is walking Jerry through the events that would take place in his plan to effect "the switch." Each one is so far-fetched, yet the two of them see now way it can fail...just brilliant! And then it came back to haunt George when he suggested a "menage." "I'm not sure how it's pronounced..." One of my favorite episode endings EVER!!! And don't forget that Festivus is rought around the corner!