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New York City

Posted by Anonymous Monday, June 02, 2008 Labels: , ,

I just got home from New York City (after being stranded at Chicago-Midway for thirteen hours on the way home--longer than it would have taken just to drive it. Oof.). Here's a list of my thoughts on The Big Apple:
1. The open-top double-decker tour buses are in fact a good idea.
2. If you go to H&M three times, you are certain to find something that you need each time, and that you didn't see before.
3. "New York Cheesecake" is not that impressive. I prefer midwestern cheesecake.
4. I like $1 hot dog stands.
5. While I was reminded quite a lot of the city life in Hong Kong, NYC is more annoying and dirtier.
6. My favorite building was the Flatiron Building.
7. "The Lion King" on Broadway was the most impressive and moving performances I have ever seen on a stage (and its coming to Kansas City this fall--its a MUST see! And for the record, it is more than worth the high ticket price.)
8. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a fantastic idea (thanks, Rachel!), especially when followed up by pizza at Grimaldi's (thanks again, Rachel!).
9. Another great food and drink idea is The Spotted Pig (thanks, Nate!), where I had a great local beer and a lovely cheese plate.
10. I don't get the big deal about Magnolia Bakery, though. The famous cupcake was kind of dry and plain. If you're going to give me a $2.50 cupcake, at least make it a nice, moist one. One of the staff there leaked that its really only famous because they refer to it in some TV shows based in New York. I bet HE doesn't even like those cupcakes!
11. Chinatown was like the twilight zone for me. If you had closed my eyes and teleported me there, I would have sworn I was in Hong Kong. A great eatery there was "Excellent Dumpling House" where I rediscovered one of my favorite Hong Kong dim sum treats, steamed pork bun.

12. Little Italy was also nice and I wished I could have eaten there twice each day (except for the one time at Excellent Dumpling House, of course).

Cha Siu Bao (Steamed Pork Bun)

13. I looked over Ground Zero. It was fascinating to see how deeply into the ground that hole goes.
14. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I saw some lovely European paintings, contemporary art, and most fascinatingly ancient Greek and Roman sculpture.
15. The Museum of Modern Art, where I saw the largest I've ever seen collection of Matisse painting and sculpture (he's my favorite!), including The Dance. I also saw "Starry Night" by Van Gogh, and some fantastic Rothko paintings.
16. Had a lovely time with my mom and our friend, Mary. Also, had a fun visit with Tim and Danielle who were in town for a few days from KC as well.
17. I quickly realized, inasmuch as I love and miss Hong Kong, I could never tolerate New York City.
18. I'm sad to keep having these cool experiences (like this one) and not get to share them with this one. But the countdown is on to that [temporary] reunion....

So! I don't know that I ever need to go back to NYC--it was a great visit and I'm glad to have experienced it. Of course you can find more here as time goes on..


kimberly said...

my uncle kent and I are leaving TOMORROW! I am so excited. I definitely need to hit up h&m. good suggestions... we will only be there for 2 days..I hope that is enough!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad Uncle Craig GAVE you the airline tickets!!!