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La Croc

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I just returned from a week in Croc, Mexico. Croc is an impoverished village with little running water, electricity, and no paved roads. It is outside of Monterrey, Mexico. I went with 21 others from Jacob's Well to join YouthFront in their house-building and community ministry in Croc. YouthFront has five full time American staff members and a few Mexican staff, all who live in Croc year-round. They invest in the community through micro-loans, a thrift store of clothes and toiletries from the U.S., and spending time getting to know the needs of Croc and discovering how best to assist them. In the summer time, YF's base in Croc is full of students and adults from Kansas City who come to loan a helping hand in fulfilling those needs. They help out with a bible school for kids, sorting donations that are sent for the thrift store, and building a house. 12x16 sq. ft. homes are built for people whom the full-time Croc staff determines.

This past week, we built a house for a 60-something year old woman named Olga who was formerly living in a shack made out of wood planks and a large tarp. Now she has a bright yellow one-room home with cement walls and a tin roof! Here's a photo of the finished product:
This is Olga:
And this is Mike Crawford and I working on the walls:

As usual, visit my flickr for more photos.


louann said...
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louann said...

i couldn't figure out those coke bottles, but then looked at your flickr pics and saw what was going on - very good pictures and fun to look at - the cokes look very refreshing after that hard concrete work!