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Of all nations, South Africa is the biggest hold-out on the world being able to do something about Robert Mugabe. South Africa, a nation who struggled with immense violence and severe racism for over 40 years (and truly for their entire history) is seemingly allowing it to go on in neighboring Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is in dire straights, with inflation rates in the thousands of percents, a seemingly worthless currency, a life expectancy in the 40s, and incredible poverty.

South Africa, land that I love--I'm disappointed in you! Look at what history has shown you through, how brave men and women have withstood violence and persecution in order to lead to a free and equal political system in your country. And yet, when brave men in Zimbabwe attempt the same, you let them go by the wayside.

South Africa is one of the few countries that has any sway in Zimbabwe. Some of my most personally respected African leaders seem to have failed me on this issue. Now, the opposition leader has been forced to drop out of the race due to lack of international support, leaving Mugabe to continue his horrific rule over the people of Zimbabwe.

Thankfully, many nations are pressing in, including my own. However, without South Africa's support, it could be a long and impossible road to ousting Mugabe. (Not to mention the lack of support from China, but that's nothing new when it comes to supporting African dictators.) In Toby's words, "get with the program," South Africa.

Read this article in the NYT today for more details. And say a prayer for beautiful Zimbabwe.


Amber said...

amen. SA get with the program!

NJ said...

uh actually, it's MILLION percent inflation...