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Torn-Abe-O Visual!

Posted by Maureen Saturday, May 31, 2008 Labels: , , ,

Torn-Abe-O, originally uploaded by ukweli.

One of Toby's hobbies is creating things on his computer, all through programming. Its pretty brilliant and of course slightly dorky, which I love. Anyway, after I told him about my dream, he created this visual. It needs a little more funneling action and dark skies, but other than that it is pretty much perfect. Torn-abe-O!

Here are a few more of my favorite Toby computer creations, many of which are found here on his flickr site:

A vespa he randomly designed in his spare time in Sudan just a few weeks ago.

A kleenex box he designed for me when I was complaining about how ugly tissues boxes usually are.

Does anything even need to be said about this one?! Its a stillshot from coundown for the New Year's Eve party that the Lar-Dawg threw this past year, (aka POC 2007). This image flashed just after the ball dropped.