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Fancy chocolates

Posted by Anonymous Friday, May 02, 2008

Fresh Lime, Yuzu (with the Chinese on it), Tanzanie Dark (stripes), Caramel Rosemary (green), and Caramel Lavender.

I went to Christopher Elbow's Chocolatier tonight when I was out at Kansas City's First Friday. I just have to share this photo of the fantastic truffles I purchased. Now that I've photographed them, the indulging shall commence....

(Can you believe how GREEN that chocolate is?! It blows my mind...)


louann said...

yeah, lovely! did you taste that one yet? I think it's rosemary, or something. Some herb. Pretty, but a bit strange for my taste.
Last year, at the Chocolate Festival, they had them for half price. I bought a whole bunch, and maybe I thought of sharing them with you, but maybe I just ate them all myself. hmmmmmm.

aaron said...

You can also get them at the excellent custard place called Foo's at 95th and Mission. Interesting not about Christopher's chocolates, he pulls the chocolates from the retailer if they don't sell them fast enough because he insists the chocolates taste as good as they can, so if they don't turn over fast enough he would rather pull them than have his name be tainted by an old chocolate.

Anonymous said...

ha! great fact aaron. That Chris guy is such a chocolate snob. ;)