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City Coon

Posted by Maureen Monday, May 05, 2008

Two nights ago I got home late in the evening and went to open the back door to see if my cat wanted to come back inside. Instead of my cat, I found a massive raccoon enjoying some trash that I had just set out that afternoon. Mind you, my back porch is on the 2nd story of our house. So I stepped inside and grabbed a plastic bottle out of the recycling box, and opened the door just enough to chuck it at the raccoon. Instead of running down the steps and away, it chose to climb up the wooden posts of the porch and ONTO THE ROOF. What the?!?! Now there's a giant raccoon on my roof! That was the end of it.

Until tonight.

Tonight I was sitting in the dining room with the window open, which faces our neighbors house. Our neighbors have the most despised pet that I've ever known, a black, large mutt of sorts named Blueberry. Blueberry is not sweet like a blueberry. He acts as my local rooster, waking me up at all hours with his incessant and obnoxiously loud barking. Anyway, suddenly this evening Bluberry started barking at an all time high volume and ferocity. Simultaneously, I began to hear some scratching and clunking sounds. At first I was struck with momentary fear, thinking someone was about to climb in my window and kill me. But then I got my senses together, and courageously walked out the back door to see what all the ruckus was about. I stepped out just in time to see our raccoon friend mounting the top of our neighbor's house by way of the gutter. It had climbed two stories worth of gutter! And let me say, Blueberry was PISSED and Coon was booking it. They must have had a nasty skirmish. So, I managed to get my camera and get off a shot before he ran away.

And no, his eyes are not laser beams, just a reflection from the flash. But that would be extra crazy if the neighborhood raccoon had laser-eyes.

The end. Nothin' better than a good Coon story from the city.


mishl said...

Wait wait. I saw a coon 2 nights ago running across 31st street into my neighbor's yard. I'm betting it's Coon. He musta roof-hopped all the way up to Independence Ave! Not bad. For a city coon.

Maureen said...

Yah. And at least the SAME EXACT SCENARIO just replayed itself at nearly the same exact time two days later! When are those two going to learn--vicious dogs and roofcoons don't mix!