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Big weekend

Posted by Maureen Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Over the next five days, the following things are happening:

-I am biking to work as part of KC Bike To Work Week Car-Free Challenge!. You should too (or ride the bus or walk or carpool!)
-I am finishing my first full year of graduate school by writing an exam based primarily on this book, which I thought was very insightful.
-I am driving to St. Louis with Jeff & Michelle to see Radiohead! Michelle and I have the privilege of standing in the pit with Sarah. A big thanks to Michelle for taking me to this show for my birthday (and to Sarah for hooking us up with better seats!)
-I am flying to Portland with Melissa, where Val will pick us up and Dave will later join us. All together, we will participate in the 100-mile Reach the Beach bike ride from Portland to the Oregon Coast. This will be me:
Or maybe this:

So...wish me luck! I hope you can find your weekend to be as exciting as mine. ;)


aaron said...

wow, that is an incredible weekend. you will probably be tired after that. What a great bike ride! I will join you in riding to work. But all I can really say is.............. NERD!!

Maureen said...

Ah ha ha! Oh man I forgot about that moment in your biking history. I wish that would have happened to me, but I didn't even get a catcall from the guys waiting at the bus stop (thankfully)!

And allow me this--the hill on Eaton between SW Blvd and 39th street is something for the books.....never going that way again.

7K said...

I saw Radiohead live on VH1HD, I think it was. Watching them is like a revelation. I can't say that many bands are breaking new ground particularly, but these guys are. Amazing.