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Best of Maux Dreams, Pts. V-VI

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, May 21, 2008 Labels:

A few recent dreams that I've had:

I had a dream about being on Safari. I was with a bunch of random people and we were driving along in our cruiser. Suddenly, our guide told us to buckle up and put our helmets on, which made sense to us all at the time. We were in a parachuted-cruiser. He sped up and drove us right off the edge of this massive, massive, massive cliff. The parachute opened and we slowly--SO slowly!--floated down along the side of the cliff watching over the Savannah. I started crying, it was so beautiful. It was awesome! As we landed, we began to see lines of African people walking towards us from between the mountains. After a bit, I looked again and they were coming by the MASSES! There had to be like 20,000 people, all traditionally dressed and it was fantastic! As they began to gather just in front of the mountain, a couple of them stepped out in front (evidently it was no problem for all 20,000 to see and hear these 3-4 guys down in front). And the guys started leading them in a very vibrant song and dance which was reminiscent of the Haka dance that the New Zealand Rugby team does. The end.

I had another dream more recently that I was in an airport lobby with my mom and someone else, can't recall who. We were waiting for a long time. Evidently we were outside, watching planes fly over. Suddenly, one small plane seemed to fly over a bit too close overhead, and we realized it was about to crash land. It was spinning around very near us, yet we didn't seem to worry about it enough to get out of our chairs. I was sitting back in a chair with my legs crossed, and one foot was kind of sticking out. The plane landed, spun around a few times as it got closer to us, and came to a screeching halt so that its nose was just resting underneath my foot. Ha. It was reminiscent of some Mission Impossible seen where some some sharp piece of hurdling metal stops within a quarter inch of Tom Cruise's eyeball or something. Anyway, we were totally unphased by this event. The passengers began to disembark, and as one woman got off, some airport employees came to her with....a white tiger. (Note: White tigers are my favorite creature of the animal kingdom, and I love them.) That's right. Just walkin' a long with it on a leash. It was just her pet that had been carried below in the cargo as most pets are, and they were bringing it out to her with her luggage. Immediately, she became my idol. I wanted to be her. I wanted to know how, I, little ol' me, could possibly some day have a white tiger of my own. So I began to follow her and try to ask her questions. We were small talking--for some reason it was as if I had to work up to asking her about the tiger. The funny thing is, I wasn't paying any attention to the tiger, I was just beaming over how wonderful this woman must be in order to safely own one. But here's the thing--evidently when this plane was realizing it was about to crashland, she was like the heroine passenger. She had said or done something to calm the fears of everyone, and so all the other passengers kept interrupting us to thank her for all she had done for them. This made me want to talk to her even more, not only is she a tiger owner, but she's a hero! Yet, all their interruptions were frustrating, because she was on her way out and I couldn't leave the terminal---soon, we were at the door, she was leaving, and I never even asked her about the tiger.

A photo by Toby taken at the Omaha Zoo. The perfect pet? Who can know?

Later in the same dream, my dad was telling me about a friend of his who needed some welding assistance during the summer, and was hiring people for a week at a time. I decided to do that. I was a little nervous about never having welded before, but I figured I'd seen it done enough for it to be a good job. The end.


louann said...

wow. you have great dreams! you are so good at remembering them too!