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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. VII: Torn-Abe-O

Posted by Anonymous Monday, May 26, 2008 Labels: , ,


The other night I dreamed that my roommate Rachel and I were running some sort of hostel out in the country. We were standing at the check-in desk, and noticed the weather was growing very severe. As I went outside to see, a massive tornado was headed our way. As the tornado grew closer, it became smaller in width, and it became clear to me what was causing this mass destruction: Abraham Lincoln. It was as if a giant, 100 foot tall Abe Lincoln was lumbering across the prairie, wreaking havoc by means of the tornado that surrounded him. He was its guide, he was the tornado. But don't think he wasn't lookin' good--he was in his typical black suit and bowtie. The end.

(If you have a tornado composed of Abe Lincoln, can you call it a torn-Abe-o? I believe you can.)


Billy Brame said...

I stop by here every now and again and your dreams are endlessly entertaining. Keep up the crazy goodness.

Rachel said...

How did you forget to tell me that I was nearly killed by a torn-abe-o in your dream?

Oh, and our little friend Rocky scared the s-h-i-takas out of me tonight. Climbing up the gutters like an effin' ninja.