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Weekend Update

Posted by Anonymous Monday, April 14, 2008

I had a very busy weekend. It included the following:

1. Friday night I visited with my parents about my trip to Kenya with Toby. I basically relived the safari, which was fantastic.

2. Saturday morning I helped at Jacob's Well with "Landscape Day". We planted heaps of new trees and flowers. In the snow. I can't wait until they begin to bloom!

3. Saturday afternoon I attended the Haven picnic (indoor picnic, that is...due to the aforementioned snow) at Catholic Charities with a lot of the Asian and African refugees in KCK as well as the church groups who help them out. It was quite fun and involved a lot of friend chicken. Sarah Pierce did an incredible job planning it and pulling it off.

4. Saturday evening, Michelle, Rachel, and David came over and we watched "Children of Men" while eating brownies and drinking beer.

5. Sunday morning I went to church, both for worship and for work. The sermon was phenomenal. Tim Keel is doing a series on the Psalms, talking about the three different categories according to Walter Brueggeman: Psalms of Orientation, Disorientation, and Reorientation. This was week 2. After church, some friends I eat lunch with on Sundays had the most fantastic, in depth discussion about our reflections from the sermon. I felt very refreshed and encouraged. You can listen here.

6. Sunday afternoon I worked hard on some research I'm doing regarding peacekeeping in Southern Sudan. I am learning a lot.

7. Sunday evening I joined with my friends for our weekly "Sunday Night Jam", which involves dinner and lots of music.
It was a busy but fruitful weekend. I had a lot of fun, although I constantly wished a certain someone was also having fun by my side.


Sarah said...

Yay, Children of Men! Had you seen it before? One of my favorites. Yay for the other stuff, too. Flowers, sermons, friends, refugees. Sounds like a great weekend. Tell KC hi for me : )