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Triad Conference Weekend

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For the next four days, I am participating in a Triad-Conference-Extravanganza! (I think I'm the only one calling it that, though.) Today both Intuitive Leadership and Prelude conferences kick off at Jacob's Well and YouthFront Camp South, respectively. Intuitive Leadership is based on Tim Keel's book, by the same name. Prelude is inspired by Mike King's book Presence Centered Youth Ministry and Chris Folmsbee's A New Kind of Youth Ministry. After helping out at JW today, first thing in the morning I'll head to the airport and pick up my fantastic good friend, Brian, who I worked alongside when I lived in Hong Kong. Reunion! Then we'll head down to camp for Prelude.

THEN all the conferencees plus many more will come together for Brian McLaren's conference called Everything Must Change. Then we'll eat Mexican casserole at my house when its all over. 'Nuff said.

I am most thankful that I know I won't come out of this weekend with what I call "Conference-head." Its when you're stuck at a conference that you don't really care about but you feel you should go and you're just overstimulated by the images and the people and the noise and feeling like you should participate but not wanting to and so mostly skipping out but then you just feel bad but you're still secretly glad about it anyway.....or something like that. Thanks to the good, balanced, holistic thinkers at YouthFront and Jacob's Well, I have a feeling the weekend might feel more like retreat. And that is something I could use right now.

Have a great weekend!


7K said...

When and where is the Everything Must Change conference? Me big McLaren fan.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Nice owl photo! I love owls. Its in KC at the YouthFront Auditorium in Shawnee Mission. I'm sure you can still register via http://www.deepshift.org
but i'm not sure if it closes early.
If its closed and you still want to come (its Friday and Saturday and about $100), then let me know and I'll pull some strings. I've got people, you know. ;)

Ryland said...

SO how was "triad conference"?! Anything intriguing or ground breaking? lata mo!

Anonymous said...

Lots of intriguing stuff to be sure. . .I don't even know if I can place it all together in one coherent blog post though. But it was awesome. If you weren't at JW on Sunday, i would highly recommend going to the web and listening to Brian McL's sermon. Woot!