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Smoke-Free KC

Posted by Maureen Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am proud to announce that Kansas City, MO voted in a ban on smoking in public eateries. No more will I have to answer, "Smoking or Non-?". I am pleased.


aaron said...

I disagree Moe, I'm bummed they have invaded people's right to smoke in public places like that. I'd like to see laws that are more flexible in that area. Give some requirements, but don't take it away all together. Local bars that are favorites are going to be hurt bad because a lot of their business is people smoking while they drink or eat.

Anonymous said...

Finally Kansas is catching up to California. I don't want someone else's smoke in my lungs. The only way I'd like a place to offer the choice is if the smoking section is actually sealed off from the non-smoking section (like those little cancer wards you see at airports). As for Aaron's comment - I doubt that people will stop going out to a bar because they can't smoke there (especially if there is no alternative).

(This is Chris Baker)

Maureen said...

I have to agree with Chris here. People will still want to eat and drink. Local bars probably aren't favorites because people can smoke--they're favorites b/c of the food and drink or even location. So if they can't smoke anywhere, then they'll still go out.

I understand people's rights to their own choice--but when it comes to something that can affect other people's health, I don't think they necessarily deserve the right.


aaron said...

I can see I'm not about to sway the readers of this blog, I humbly stay with my opinion. However I will say that "all inclosed places of employment" seems a little extreme to me. :)

Anonymous said...

I am very excited about this. I want to call up the Recordbar and find out when they are going smoke free so I can go see Bob Walkenhorst. Bob is good enough to be worth putting up with smoke, but smoke-free Bob is so much better.

Maureen said...

Thanks Aaron for your comments. Also i came by your office today and was sad to miss you.

Chris, good to see you from CA. You're not going to believe that Mr. Rayburn is coming to KC to see me in a few weeks.

Anonymous 2, perhaps someone should consider calling their band, "Smoke-free Bob"? It just makes sense.

Sarah said...

I'm probably just as excited. As someone who was born with a crappy pair of lungs to start with, it's nice not to have to worry about inhaling smoke. And who knows, Aaron, *and any other smokers* the bars might do better because it will bring in more non-smokers that didn't go to the bars, because of the smoke.... eh?