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My unconditional love for R.E.M.

Posted by Maureen Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Labels: ,

When R.E.M.'s latest album, Accelerate, released on April 1, all I heard in the reviews was "this is the best album they've had in years!....they've finally made their comeback...they sound like the true R.E.M. we all know and love again...". Honestly, I was a little bit perturbed at all this talk, because to be quite honest, I LOVED their last album, Around the Sun. It was one of the soundtracks of my life at the time, which was taking place in Hong Kong. It was perfect--I moved, I breathed, I walked, I commuted to that album. I still love it. They lyrics were fantastic, resonating. The melodies were unique, the style so diverse. IT EVEN INCLUDED A RAP BY Q-TIP. (Which, for the record, Michael Stipe rapped himself when I saw them live in Hong Kong in 2005. Hott.) Come on! How could they EVER beat that?!

Now I do really like the new album and would definitely recommend it. But nonetheless I was pleased to read this review that Nate let me on to. This is my kind of music review, and why I will never again feel bad when I hear reviewers degrading my favorite music.