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The Cult of Sincerity

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some of Rachel's friends have just released their first full-length film, The Cult of Sincerity. Not only that, but it is the first EVER full-length film to be featured on YouTube! How about that?!

You can watch the film here. At least go and watch the intro, because the creators of the movie have a fun little deal with Amie.com, an independent music site. To support the film, you can register with Amie.com/cultofsincerity and your first $2 of music credit is not only free, but it supports the film! THEN...if you purchase $3 of music credit after that, $2 of it goes to Fount of Mercy, an organization caring for orphans and children in Africa. Also, your $3 gets you an actual download of the film (not to mention $3 worth of music).

So its a good deal for a good purpose. Check it out.