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The 3 R's

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No, not "readin', ritin', and 'rithmetic" nor "reduce, reuse, recycle"--but instead Refugees, Roots, and Rachel. That's right. Once again my friends blow my mind by their committed and brilliant worth with Kansas City's refugee population.

Remember this? Sarah is amazing and her Haven program at Catholic Charities is still growing and helping refugees assimilate to their new lives in the USA. Now, my friend Rachel has joined the Catholic Charities team and has started a community garden for refugee women known as "New Roots for Refugees." A gigantic plot of land near downtown KCK has been acquired, and already African and Asian women are tilling and planting on their little squares. This summer, they will have the opportunity to take their produce to the Farmer's Market in Brookside and make a little cash every Saturday. I love it! Sustainable! Environmental! Educational!

Here's a few of Rachel's photos from opening day at the farm:


louann said...

wow.......Rachel what a great idea! Such a project that the women can really relate to and call their own. Very admirable. i will have to make a trip to Brookside later when the crops come in!