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Stickin' it to the snow!

Posted by Anonymous Friday, March 07, 2008

If I had the guts, this is what I would to do the snow today:

I would march outside in my pajamas and tent booties and just go nuts on the falling snow. I would kung fu the hell out of any snowflakes that dare come near me. Then I would pick up huge piles of snow,violently throw them back to the ground, and elbow drop them. And I wouldn't even CARE if I got cold! I'll show you, snow!

I told my brother Adam this, and he said he would do the following:

I'm gonna put it all in a bowl and mash it like freakin potatoes. Then I'm gonna grind it with one of those little smasher things that they use to turn wheat into flour. Then I'm gonna bring it into the kitchen and put it in my chocolate chip cookie dough and cook its ass in the freakin OVEN AND THEN EAT ITS FACE!!!

Oh March, why must you incessantly torment us with winter? Please bring us Spring.

In other news:
-I leave for Kenya in 6 days.
-Last night I went to see Aaron Mitchum play at Davey's Uptown, he's a friend from YouthFront and has quite the 7-piece band. Margo May & the Honeybabes (including some friends from JW) opened for Aaron.
-Tonight I'm going to the Record Bar to see The Khrusty Brothers, a pop-folk band of family members from the early 20th century in Appalachia. Or something like that. They all look a lot like some people I know, but those individuals claim that they have nothing to do with Khrusty. How bizarre.


Anonymous said...

HAHA - freaking hysterical post. May I?

I am going to get a really long extension cord and take a hair dryer outside - after wielding my hot air gun, forcing the snow to return to it's weaker form, I will take the remaining snow and put it in tupperware. I will then place the tupperware (I imagine 40-50 containers, assorted sizes) in my deep freezer. They would reside there, trapped in it's miserable existence. Every other day I will take a container of snow out and melt it...slowly, with my hairdryer. I will keep the deep freezer door open so all of the other snow containers can witness. I will "MUHAHA" the entire time.

Good to see you last night, enjoy Khrusty Brothers tonight!

louann said...

Man! You two are hard core! where do you get that from????

I am with you all the way. stupid stupid snow.

Anonymous said...

You and Adam have been spending too much time with his children and their fight talk!