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Posted by Maureen Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks to Michelle, I recently discovered Last.fm, which you may have already noticed due to the little music box to the right.

With Last.fm, you can type in a favorite artist, and it will play a brilliant selection of that artist and many others like it. Also, you can download it so that your iTunes imports into your last.fm profile, so that it can also help determine what sort of music you might like based on what you listen to on your computer. You can listen to the "radio stations" of your friends and others who have similar tastes. And you can import onto your blog so those who visit know what you're up to musically. And much more! Can you even believe it?

So check it out. I've used Pandora and iTunes Radio in the past to listen to internet radio, but this is far better, with a great selection and fantastic features.

Special thanks to Tim B for helping me set it all up.


aaron said...

thanks for the tip. I've used pandora in the past too but never was all that impressed. I'll look this up.

mishl said...

yee haw! glad you like it.

Sage said...

I will also interpret this dream:

1) This is not a music site, it is a figment of your imagination.

2) Your friends have utterly horrid taste in music: don't listen to them or their selections.

3) Thank you for braving the cold night to come to the funeral in Topeka. You are awesome.

louann said...

if any of you out there are last.fm geeks, i would REALLY appreciate some help. I've downloaded this program, and can play videos and 30 second music preview clips, but whenever I try the radio part, i get an error message. Every time. dang it.