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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. III

Posted by Anonymous Monday, February 18, 2008

Last night I dreamed that I was on some sort of youth group mission trip. Except for we were all adults. David Birchfield was there. I don't remember who else. We were hanging out at an unknown location, and there was a nearby cigar store. I thought that sounded good, so I went to make a purchase (Could this have been a reference to a certain YF tradition?). My friend from Jacob's Well, Josh Baldridge, was the cigar store owner. I chose a chocolate flavored cigar, and Josh informed that with the purchase of a cigar, I would receive a free side of meat. Over the counter, he lugs this huge frozen block of meat--it was the size of a side of beef, but it was chicken instead. I was baffled--it must have been one massive rooster to produce a solid piece of chicken meat of this magnitude! Nonetheless, I love me some chicken, so I knew it would come in handy later. (This part of the dream must have been reminiscent of all the fried chicken eaten over the weekend.)

So I carried the chicken around in a bag--that red, stringy kind that you buy potatoes in. It sort of hurt my hands.

Later, I decided it was time to slice off some chicken and cook it up. I put it in some hot water to defrost it, and within minutes, it had evaporated into the water, leaving no remains. At first, I was like "Dang! That was a lot of chicken gone to waste!" But deep down inside, I was sort of relieved because I had felt pretty awkward all day lugging around a giant chicken breast.

Later, I was in Hong Kong. That usually pops up in my most of my dreams at some point.

The end.


Sage said...

Since I am an expert dream interpreter, I will offer these interpretations:

1) It was not really a slab of chicken but a plucked ostrich you received. Ostrich should be cooked with plenty of curry. In fact, everything should be.

2) You were not on a youth mission trip, you were in Africa looking for Toby and were looking for a good cigar to chomp on whilst you searched.

3) Josh is actually a drug dealer and you should not trust him.

4)The reason the ostrich evaporated was that it was incased in a very large block of ice. You left it on the range until what remained in the crock disintegrated.

5) You did not really wind up in Hong Kong. That was another city called King Kong, lately visited by a giant killer ostrich that completely destroyed sections of the city.

6) Any time you need help with your dreams, call me.

Rachel said...

If I had dreams like you, I would make it a point to be awake as little as possible.