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The World's Cheapest Car

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, January 10, 2008

India's Tata Motors unveiled its latest design today, the Tata Nano. It is ready to sell and hit the streets of India, at a cost that is accessible to a great portion of India's population: $2,500 USD, brand new--Deeaaaaamn! Bring some of those on over to the US of A, babiez! This bad boy gets 65mpg--Deeaaaaamn!

But I shouldn't get excited--it will only be marketed in India, and ultimately in others parts of Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Perhaps if I live in one of those countries in the future, I can take one for a cruise. Read more about "the people's car" here.


Sarah said...

Wow... your ghetto lingo is as scary as it is impressive... I suppose living in KCMO has helped... LOL :)

aaron said...

ha ha ha, I love it! Bringing the MPG to the good ol' Red White and Blue Babiez!!!!

toby said...

4 doors! I'll take one! Babiez!!!