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Tent Booties: I can't get enough.

Posted by Maureen Saturday, January 19, 2008

Before departing for Sudan, Toby gave me one of the best tangible gifts I have recently received: North Face Tent Booties. I have to be beyond satisfied with a specific product in order to broadcast its goodness to the world, so you've gotta know these are brilliant:Basically, these wonders could be described as heavy-duty house slippers. However, they have a bit of a sole on them, so they're perfect for cold trips to the basement, taking out the trash, or a run out to the car. Even through the snow. And they are made of down and come up past my ankles. My feet are in heaven, to be sure.

You can get yourself a pair at REI.com or other various internet locales. Also a wide variety of colors.


megi said...

damn it. All they have left are smalls!

Maureen said...

check amazon and ebay...there's lots of other places to find 'em. good luck!