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Kenya news update

Posted by Maureen Thursday, January 03, 2008

After the presidential election that took place on December 27, areas of Kenya broke out in violence and conflict. Most of the news I've read about this situation over the past few days has been vague and surface level, so today I found some more comprehensive articles on Christian Science Monitor, one of my favorite online news sources. So if you are like me and need some more information on what is happening in Kenya, check out these two articles, both published today.

Amid Kenya Clashes, Growing Calls for Calm

Ethnic Violence: Why Kenya is not another Rwanda
(The end of this article has a brief and helpful summary of the dominant ethnic groups in Kenya and their political ties.)

****edit 1/5****
Due to this situation in Kenya, Toby's departure for Sudan (via Nairobi) has been postponed for one week until 1/13. In many ways, dang! On many other ways, sweet! You can imagine. Pray for his safe travels through Kenya next week, and that things will calm down in the meantime.


Amber said...

Thanks for the links! our friend Amanda has been in the middle of these riots and we have not been able to find out much information to send to her. The area she is staying, the gov. cut off all news sourses. what?!?!? who knew they could do that?! She is not even able to get bbc! so they are having to rely on people to send her copied and pasted articles! crazy! but now they have let up and they are all able to get info. so anyway, her blog has been really intersting if you have a chance you could check it out. amandagoble.blogspot.com

spicebreath said...

Man...I was going to go to the concert but a sick baby required me at home! Hope it was good. Did you notice what I put on my site for your blog? :)

toby said...

I'm praying for a cooling to the riots and a return to Kenyan "normalcy". On my end, I'm trying to focus on the sweetness.