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He's off! or "on a more personal note..."

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, January 13, 2008

My boyfriend, Toby, left on a jet plane today for Africa. He's headed to the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan (via Nairobi) to work for Samaritan's Purse as a Project Manager Engineer. I intend to visit him in East Africa as soon as possible, which if all goes well will be in March.

Toby is such a dove and I already miss him terribly. I didn't mean to look so sad when this photo was taken, but it's fitting for today nonetheless. Courtesy Hannah Huffman.

In other news, I start my second semester of graduate school at KU this week. I'm taking nine hours this semester and am a bit nervous about the work load. Granted, not having mono (aka "The Nucleosis") this time around might make it a bit more manageable. Not to mention the boyfriend being on the other side of the world. Oof. But we won't mention that, will we?

So, for these days you can find me at home with my face buried in a book, my cat on my lap (now that I'll finally give her some attention), and one eye on that little green Skype dot in case a light comes on in Sudan. Happy mid-January.


Sarah said...

I love you, Moe! And I'm thinking about you guys. Hang in there!

louann said...

awww that IS a heart-rending picture! but a lovely one nonetheless. Stay busy, stay well. it will be over soon enough. Love!

Anonymous said...

This will no doubt be one of the hardest times in your life. This is a wonderful time in that you have email and computers to keep you connected. Praise God that you have lots to keep you busy AND, you have God! Love you, Aunt Katy

Anonymous said...

It is starting to look like that little dot won't be green very often. But I will be fighting the internet in every way I can. Hang in there you sweet lady.