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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. II

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here's the dream I had last night:

So Toby* and I were staying with some friends of mine--two girls whose identities were not made clear in my dream. The two girls were sleeping on a bed in a main room of sorts and I was sleeping on the floor next to them. Toby was sleeping in the next room over. So we all got in bed in our respective rooms and turned the lights off. Just minutes later, Toby reenters the room and very forcefully, but without yelling, proclaimed, "BAT." We all woke up, "What?
There's a bat in here?" "Yes," he replied as he began to look around the room for it. Toby was standing on top of the bed where the 2 others were laying, and I suddenly spotted that bat standing just underneath him, propped up on a bar that ran along the frame of the mattress. The bat was very small, and very cartoony. It had HUGE ears and eyes--in fact, it might have even been a cartoon in the dream. (This is pretty close to what he looked like, sans the beer belly and the sneakers.)

Suddenly, Toby had this little tiny nerf-like arrow gun. It was like a video game suddenly, because the gun shot like a boomerang (reminiscent of the wide array of fire power used in Nintendo's Contra and Super-Contra...who's with me?). So Toby looked at me and quietly said, "It's right underneath me?" I fearfully nodded. So he stuck the gun straight out and shot the arrow, which went forward, then made a perfect curve to come back and nail the bat right in the chest. It immediately fell to the ground, dead as a doornail**. We all cheered in amazement! Such a good shot, without even looking at it!

The end.

*I think most of my blog readers know this by now, but my boyfriend Toby just moved to Sudan. Consequently, a lot of my dreams will probably involve him, so get used to it!

**Toby thinks bats are one of the coolest things alive, and would never willfully murder one. Also, the phrase "dead as a doornail" originated from Shakespeare.


Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to tell you that if that bat wasn't so cartoony you would have wet the bed. My first night in Uganda two years ago a bat fell in my bed and slowly died next to my bed all night. I thought I was slowly dying too. This time I got the rabies shot. After this dream...you may consider it!

NJ said...

Contra! Yes!