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Best of Maux Dreams, Pt. I

Posted by Maureen Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am sort of known among my friends and family for having really crazy dreams and remembering every detail. I've had occasional requests to publish them, so I thought I'd begin to blog the "best of" my dreams.

Here's one from a couple nights ago:

I had a dream that Stephen Colbert was coming to Kansas City and recording live here. I found this out because Toby & I ran across some of his crew members out and about town, and they gave us free tickets.

So I went home and got a couple of American flags that I had and a giant handmade quilt that said USA really big in the middle (none of which I actually own), in order to wave around from the audience with our American pride and get Stephen's attention. Perhaps impress him.

Toby's sister, Julie, joined us and the three of us were going to go to the show.

Then my dream morphed, and instead Adam, Brooke, and Lauren (My brother, his wife, and her sister) had the tickets, and somehow Toby and I were watching from afar, as if on the other side of the auditorium...not in the audience that was being recorded.

It was kind of like a game show where people were being chosen from the audience, and Adam, Brooke, and Lauren were going NUTS. They were waving my quilt around and spinning their flags and they had these huge, almost alien, psychotic grins on their face. They were lovin' The Colbert Report. And Toby and I and others around us were pointing and just cracking up the entire time.

They never got picked to come on down.

The end.