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Posted by Anonymous Sunday, December 30, 2007

Over the weekend, Toby & I went to Omaha for another wildlife extravaganza. After viewing "Dinosaurs Alive!" at the IMAX (my first 3-D movie experience), we hit the zoo. We visited the desert animals, nocturnals, aquarium, big cats, gorillas, and bears. Toby has really helped me to appreciate the greatness of wild animals for the first time since I was a kid.

Unlike the aquarium in Chicago, this aquarium had sharks (but no whales). While I don't enjoy watching them pace small cages, I still can't resist the tigers. This white tiger was probably the most beautiful creature I've ever seen up close. The gorillas were quite personable, especially this little one who rested on the glass and smiled at all its viewers.Omaha is a surprisingly vibrant city with heaps of things to do and cool places to eat. I recommend it, and certainly a visit to the zoo. Perhaps wait until it's no longer 20 degrees though.

Happy New Year! Coming soon: images from the Party of the Century.


toby said...

Best Christmas gift ever.