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Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last weekend I went to Chicago. Matt's performance, mentioned in the previous post, was absolutely beautiful. Had fun tromping around with Sarah Pierce, John Raux, Seth Powers, and Courtney Young. Toby arrived Saturday evening, in the snow. Over the next two days, we went to the Aquarium and the Field Museum--that story can be told by these photos, taken by Toby:

It was great to be a true tourist for a few days. And I came home with a new coat. There are more great photos from our trip on Toby's Flickr site.


Amber said...

WHAT!!!!! you can t just stop in and say that on my blog....seriously. call me yo. our morobo orphanage is in right down the road from the SP grounds in southwest sudan. so CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else.

toby said...

I'm homeless.