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In Rainbows & In Tuitive Leadership

Posted by Anonymous Monday, November 05, 2007

I had forgotten about Radiohead's new album until I saw mention of it on Tim Keel's blog recently. I hadn't heard about their new concept of selling their music until Nick Pick so graciously led me through it--you can go to their website and purchase the album for however much you are willing to pay for it (in pounds). What?! Who does that? You can literally get it for free, or you can pay a hundred dollars. It's up to you. Evidently they've averaged at a usual retail price of $10-$12 dollars per album download. I paid 5 pounds. I read on Wikipedia that the band's lead guitarist commented, "It's fun to make people stop for a few seconds and think about what music is worth, and that's just an interesting question to ask people." I concur. What's it worth to you?
I don't know that this picture has any direct correlation to the album, but I saw it on a related blog post. But the post was in Spanish, or maybe Portugese, so I don't know what it said. A beautiful photograph nonetheless.

In other news, speaking of Tim Keel, this Friday he's having a book release party at Barnes and Noble on the Plaza at 7:30pm. His new book is called Intuitive Leadership: Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor, and Chaos. You can get it on Amazon for about as much as you should pay for the Radiohead album. And I should add that my name may or may not have received an honorable mention in the book ("My name in print!"--name the movie). Of course, due to the proclamation mentioned in my previous post, the spelling is now moot. Thanks anyway. :)


::Andrew:: said...

track 6: Faust Arp. I'm lovin' it.