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Rediscovering an appreciation for American Bison.

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, October 27, 2007

I grew up in Leavenworth, Kansas, home of one of three Federal Penitentiaries in the United States. Sometimes it's mentioned in the movies. On the Penitentiary property, there is a large pasture where the buffalo roam, honoring the great animal of the State of Kansas. For my entire childhood, anywhere from 3-15 bison have lived there.

Having grown up in Leavenworth and driven past the bison pasture nearly every day, I never really appreciated them fully. But yesterday my eyes were re-opened when Toby & I stopped to have a look (a close look thanks to John Raux's high powered binoculars.) I have a declarative statement to make here: Toby Lunn loves bison more than anyone I've ever met. He reminds me to appreciate stuff that can be so overlooked or commonplace to me.Then, if it could get any better, my mom told us about the "Great Buffalo Round-Up" in South Dakota. Be sure to watch the video-- cowboys and 1500 bison! Hot. We must attend next year.

In conclusion, a sweet story. When my brother Adam was 7, and I two years of age, there were two bison calves born at the Penn. Adam entered the naming-contest and victored, naming one of the new babies "Abner." The other was named "Sasnak," which is Kansas spelled backwards. I'd like to know the present whereabouts of Abner and Sasnak, as they're evidently no longer grazing the fields of Leavenworth. They are my peers, they are my homies.


toby said...

Man, I do love Bison! I'm so cool.

louann said...

The rest of the story- why he picked the name - "when they call the buffalo in alphabetical order, Abner will be first." Isn't that just one of the most important things in the life of a 2nd grade boy??!!

mishl said...

there are some miniature horses by my parents' house. not quite as cool as bison, but a little closer. let's make it a picnic.

::Andrew:: said...

We just saw a cow yesterday at a pumpkin patch that Kristen said looked like a bison. But it was a cow. Okay, bad story, but I liked your Bison post.