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(RED) at Hallmark or How Awesome is Sarah Mueller

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, October 13, 2007

You may know that I am a long time advocate of the ONE Campaign, and consequently of Product (RED). I haven't talked this stuff up for a while, however my dear friend Sarah Mueller, who I actually met through ONE volunteer work, has just reached a tremendous goal. She played a huge role in leading Hallmark to become a (RED) partner! And it's finally happened--check your stores for Hallmark products that will help fight AIDS in Africa.

Sarah recently entered a post on the (RED) Blog! She briefly tells her story of getting involved with fighting AIDS in Africa and how Hallmark will now play a part.

I'm proud of you, Sarah, and will always be inspi(red) by you. ;)

Here's a photo of Sarah and I as ONE Volunteers at the U2 concert in 2005. We've come so far since then......*tear*.....


Lou said...

good writeup in the Star yesterday about this, except they forgot to mention sarah's name...and they should have.. Please tell her to tell Bono i said Hi.