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Easy, Tiger: Ryan Adams live in KC!

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog parade Part II!

I have long enjoyed Ryan Adams’ music for some time, but it wasn’t until the past couple years that I became a true fan. So when he was in KC at the Uptown last Tuesday, Oct 2, with his band, The Cardinals, I was absolutely ecstatic to experience the live music of one of my new loves.

While I experienced slight (just slight) disappointment in that he didn’t play “Magnolia Mountain,” (my favorite song) every single tune was so sharp and tight that the set list hardly mattered. He played a lot from his new album, Easy Tiger, which I really enjoy even though my favorites remain on his older albums. He did play “Cold Roses” which is another favorite of mine. As for the Cardinals—holy cow! I’ve seldom seen a tighter performance by a rock band. And Neal Casal—the lead guitarist—not only is nuts on that guitar but has an unbelievable voice that creates really inspiring harmonies.

As for Ryan—his voice was ON as well, and while there was a lot of sarcasm and comedic cussing, he was relatively pleasant and didn’t fly off the handle, as he is notorious to do at live shows. There were a couple times where he and the band had us all laughing hysterically.

The best part was to experience my first Ryan Adams show with great friends, including Michaela, Michelle, Rachel, Kyle, Tim, Seth, Nate, and Jeff. Many of them played a role in opening my eyes to the goodness that is Ryan Adams’ music, so it was an exciting row full of people. (Muellers—you were missed.)

So, if you’re not already a fan, allow me to recommend to you some of my favorite RA albums, in my order or preference, for your listening (and air-guitar playing) pleasure:
2-Cold Roses
3-Love is Hell
5-Easy Tiger

Finally, if you go to this website, you can download heaps of live shows (which is where I must go for my live Magnolia Mountain fix). I recommend “Live at Das Haus” and “Live in Kingston, NY.”

Until next time, Mr. Adams….