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Posted by Anonymous Monday, October 08, 2007

Since the last time I blogged, some very significant and blog-worthy events have taken place. I've been wanting to tell you about them, but time has passed me by. And so it is even now--I only have a few moments but wanted to give you a little teaser of what is to come:

1-A full update on the Altar weekend at YouthFront. It was beautiful!
2-Ryan Adams, live at the Uptown.
3-My trip to California
a-Officiating my uncle's wedding on a yacht
b-Why everyone in LA precedes their highway references with "The". For instance, "Take the 91, then jump on The 55 and take that all the way to The 405 to head to The 10." In Kansas City, we do not do this. What is this phenomena?
c-In 'N Out Burger: Cheeseburger Letdown is evaded!

I'm heading to Portland, Oregon tomorrow, so by the time I get to blogging then I'll have that added to the list.


toby said...

The drought is over! Go, Maureen, go!

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job of officiating the ceremony! I'm anxiously waiting for your blog on the weekend. Love you, Aunt Katy

mishl said...

man oh man, that 'the' before the highway thing just makes me nuts. laurie and i fight about it all the time. it's the down side of living in a nearly pure California collective.