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Zoo Run & A.Bird

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday morning I participated in the Kansas City Zoo Run. It was a 4-miler that actually weaves through the KC Zoo. Pretty fun! I ran with Toby and Michelle and we smoked it. I got first place, Michelle second, and Toby third. Oh--wait.....what? I mean I got 521st place, not first. And Toby and Michelle both beat me. They are awesome.

Race Highlight: Tigers.

Unfortunately I have no photos to show for it. But you can imagine what it's like to run 4 miles while being chased by an African elephant. Man, that was crazy.

In other news, we're going to see Andrew Bird tomorrow night at the Granada. I've recently been hooked on his music. Here's an incredible video that will give you a good taste.


mishl said...

yeah we did. did you think it was scarier when the tigers were chasing us, or when the herd of rabid birds kept swooping down at our head?

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the elephant so much, but I definitely remember the tigers.

Great race everybody. Everybody is Awesome!

Also, only mammals can have rabies.

mishl said...

ooh i had a feeling about that rabies comment. you should really trust your gut on these things. thank you, anonymous.

toby said...

Zang! That was me, and I didn't mean to be anonymous. Let us all be thankful that birds don't carry rabies. Imagine what that would be like if it got out of hand.