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How long you been rockin'?

Posted by Anonymous Monday, September 03, 2007

"I've been rockin' for longer than you've been alive."

That was the unforgettable statement my mom said to my sister-in-law, Brooke, in regards to if Mom was up for standing front and center at the Gaelic Storm concert. That moment will go down in Didde history, and us kids will never again suggest that Mom wouldn't be up for "rockin".

I must confess that Gaelic Storm put on a very, very impressive concert at Irish Fest this weekend. I've never paid much attention to Irish folk-rock, but now I've finally experienced why my brother Adam and his family love it so. The fiddlers really blew my mind. So fast! Additionally, it was just a great night to spend with some family--we don't hit the town together very often so it was a most wonderful anomaly. Not to mention, the last time I stood front and center at a rock show was definitely in my teens, so it was a joy.
Here is Adam's "I'm so amazed I can't even watch" stance. He loves these guys.
Mom & I. Evidently we enjoy over-sized sunglasses."The Storm."

All to say, Irish Fest=A hit for the Diddes. There's just a few more pics here. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.


Lou said...

oh yeah! And you forgot to mention The Elders who were also an amazing band - dare I say 'better' than Gaelic Storm even! i know i know hard to believe.... they say there were 20,000 on the upper pavilion for the Elders - they had to shut down the fest - and stop selling tickets! awesome.

the {{screaming *penguin}} said...

Is this along the lines of floggin molly?