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What just happened?

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, August 30, 2007

Whoa. It's almost Friday. What just happened? We obviously entered a worm hole that shot us straight from Monday to Friday. It's been one of those long weeks that somehow still managed to fly by. That's always strange. But here's a few noteworthy items from my long week:

1. I found this video, one of my favorite SNL skits of old called "The Question is Moot."
2. Toby told me about the lunar eclipse and got me very excited to view it. Then, I slept right through it. Did you see it?
3. I learned that to this day, South Koreans believe in a myth that tells them they will die if in a room with closed doors and a fan running. Where else to hear that one but on NPR?
4. While painfully driving around Olathe, I thought about this: if I were forced to have a personalized license plate, what 7 characters would I choose? (To this question, I'd love to see some responses in the good 'ol comment box.) The license plates I saw that spurred this thought said, "LILKUFN" and "CURE CF." Both honorable proclamations I suppose.
5. My friend and pastor Tim Keel finally stepped it up into the blogging world once again. Yes! He's going to need it since he has an incredible new book coming out called Intuitive Leadership.
6. I missed the Dave Matthews Band concert in Kansas City for the first time of my own choosing. And I regret it. I know, I know...I'm trying to grow up and not love pot-smoking college-music, but Dave is just so dang good. Here's a good example.
7. I feel like I should have a number 7, so I'll just anticipate Labor Day Weekend: hanging out with my JW middle schoolers Friday night, Irish Fest with my family on Saturday (going mostly to see Gaelic Storm (photo)), and a full day of church and playing tunes on Sunday. Join me if you like. .


Andy Woolard said...

"Pot smoking college music?" I sort of want to fight you right now. :)

and for the record, it was great. the woolards enjoyed the evening.

Anonymous said...

forgive me, that should have been placed in quotes. It's a direct reference to some of my friends who have forsaken DMB because they've 'outgrown' it or something. Pfff. You know what I say about them? "Stop lettin' those houligans tear down the bizzzz....Goulet!"