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TIME magazine: Mother Teresa's Dark Night of the Soul

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, August 25, 2007

This week's issue of TIME Magazine contains one of the most well-written articles of spiritual and religious matter that I have ever read in a mainstream source. You can read it here.

The article discusses the content of the recently released book, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, which is a compilation of her letters and writings. But what one does not expect is that the majority of these scripts are dry, lost, forsaken prayer reflections on the "dark night of the soul" that Mother Teresa seemed to be engulfed in for most of her years. At one point, she writes that Jesus repeatedly spoke this to her: "You are I know the most incapable person--weak and sinful but just because you are that--I want to use you for My glory. Wilt thou refuse?"

The author of the article, David Van Biema, does a beautiful job of exploring Mother Teresa's deep and unfailing faith in spite of the severe doubt she experienced through most of her life. The article is a must-read.

Additonally, TIME's cover article from two weeks past featured the Reverend Billy Graham and his relationship with every President of the US since Truman. It is another balanced and insightful article on matters of Christian faith.

On a lighter side, I learned this new vocabulary term from the MT article:
-avuncularly, adj.: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an uncle: avuncular affection. Who knew?

Even more interesting is the author of the Graham article's use of the following analogy: "Billy Graham radiates qualities a President seldom encounters during office hours: innocence, guilelessness, sincerity strong as a paint stripper." Excuse me? "Sincerity strong as a paint stripper"?! Maybe I'm missing something here, but I did some paint-stripping myself a few weeks ago and I most certainly didn't feel exceptionally sincere.

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mishl said...

haunting. thanks for the heads up. otherwise it probably would have been yet another abandonded issue of Time on my table.

Sarah said...

I found your toothpaste out here. I sent you a txt msg but just in case.. :) Let me know if you want some.

::Andrew:: said...

This reminds me of something RealLivePreacher once wrote: "I may not have a lot of faith, but I can be faithful."