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Monsters of Rock

Posted by Anonymous Friday, August 24, 2007

When I go to the gym in the mornings, I often attempt to schedule it around 9 or 930am, so I can watch the rerun of last night's Daily Show and Colbert Report. The obnoxious thing about Comedy Central, which seems even more obnoxious while watching it before noon, is the commercials.
Today's highlighted (and repeated) commercial was for a 2-cd set called "Monsters of Rock." You know the one--call this 1-800 number to buy it now and get this bonus set of "Monster Ballads-Platinum!" for free!--kind of deal. My favorite part about commercials like this are the scrolling track lists with live concert footage in the background.
When I was a kid, I remember sitting at my grandma's house watching afternoon television, during which these types of commercials were my most treasured. My favorite activity was to count, as the songs scrolled, how many of the songs I knew on said album. Today, I did pretty well, and ended up with the following all-too familiar list:

1. Nothin' But A Good Time--Poison
2. Cherry Pie--Warrant
3. Once Bitten, Twice Shy--Great White
4. Poison--Alice Cooper
5. The Final Countdown--Europe
6. After the Rain--Nelson (I used to LOVE that song)
7. 18 And Life--Skid Row
8. Up All Night--Slaughter
9. Wait--White Lion
10. Just Take My Heart--Mr. Big

. . and many more. . .

Wow. How did we love these songs so much? I blame it completely on my big brother.

Okay, in my next post I'll try to get away from irrelevant matters like toothpaste and 80s rock. Try.


amberburger said...

haha!itotally use to do that, try to see how many i could get as they scrolled! man i think i want to buy this cd. i use to greatly enjoy ALL of them! wow. i also blame my brother and sister for sucking me into the eighties. seriously.

::Andrew:: said...

I used to dream of calling the 1-800 number and buying "Livin' in the 90's", but it never happened... and then one day in high school, it appeared in a bin at a thrift store. And the rest is history.

NJ said...

Sad thing is, I own most of the original CDs that those songs are on...